Start of a new and exciting journey.

Hello Everyone,pdge

Welcome to my site and blog. I am an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, and have been teaching both in the UK and abroad, (UAE, Jordan, Turkey and Libya), and have now embarked on a very exciting path of doing the PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education) specialising in ESOL at Bradford College, UK.

I believe this opportunity will open up to me great pathways for development in my career. I am now coming towards the end of my second week, already!. All the excitement (with some anxiousness) is building up, especially as I am now approaching my micro-teach, and of course, my teaching placement. All the skills and lessons I have learnt from my previous jobs, and qualifications such as CELTA, I will put into action, and on the course and placement I hope to utilise and exploit new methods, skills and expertise in my field of language teaching. With the expertise of my mentor and tutors’ high calibre and feedback, I hope to come out of the other end, enhanced, well-developed and of course, successful.

You may all follow me on here, I will try to post regularly, especially after teaching, observing and discussions about language teaching, teaching methods and anything new and interesting I may come across during my course, which may make for interesting discussion and reading.

Again thanks for reading, and in my next post I hope to cover my micro-teach and observation feedback.



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