My ESOL Class

Having a journal and writing up my experiences after each ESOL lesson has really helped me to focus on my strengths and weakenesses, as well as an opportunity to reflect. On this blog I will present this journal and have an electronic version, and hope you may find it interesting, and even get some ideas. Please feel free to comment.

First ESOL lesson.

My first lesson went very well, I was a bit nervous despite having taught for some years, albeit it’s always of the unexpected. Soon the nervousness merged to excitement. The students were great, although initially only four had turne up. Among the students there is a Pharmacist, a teacher and philosopher. Most of the students are Syrian refugees, all studying at Entry 2 level (A2). We bonded well, as I feel it is always important to connect and form a strong relationship with students from the start. There were two students who have a higher level of English than others, and I immediately noted this as when preparing future lessons I can incorporate more challenging tasks for them. Also I found the stronger students rather ‘over enthusiastic’ in respect to their English. In upcoming lessons I will make sure certain strategies and challenges are incorporated to help not just the stronger students but others too. The first task was an ice breaker where students wrote three sentences, one true the rest false. I have always liked this ice-breaker as it’s fun and students always seem to enjoy it. However, during the task there was a misunderstanding, as students (I suspect it was the stronger students’ being over zealous) thought they had to write two grammtically incorrect sentences and one correct, not taking into account I meant sentences about them. I did do an example but this obviously had not worked. Maybe in future I could use ICQs to make sure students had understood what I wanted. The second task was also quite fun where they had to write five questions they would ask other students. Some were more enthusiastic than others, but it was only the first lesson and I didn’t want to challenged them toom much. After the questions and asking students they chose one student

My ESOL students.
My ESOL students.

and wrote a report on them and then presented to the class. The level of the students varied but not too much. This can be a positive thing as I can differentiate through pairing and group work. I am looking forward to the next class!!


One thought on “My ESOL Class

  1. Sounds like a blast Saad, don’t for get to make sure your lesser able students understand everything by discreet Q and A. Repeat as often as needed. See you soon. X


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