Lesson observation reflections and feedback.

On this page you can find all my observation reflections. By the end of the course there should be 8 in total (7 files), 8 observation feedbacks, and 7 reflections.


Obs feedback 9 Feb 16

obs feedback 11 Dec 15

Obs feedback 25 Jan 16

obs feedback 16 Nov 15

obs feedback 7 March 16

Obs feedback mentor 16 Nov 15.tif

Ob’s feedback 15 April 16

observation 8 19/05/16 (Final)



Reflection 4

Reflection 5

Reflection 6

Reflection 7


2 thoughts on “Lesson observation reflections and feedback.

  1. Hi Saad, thanks for sharing your feedback. Looks like you dealt with your reflective practice in a positive and thorough fashion. I think that this is an important skill to nurture. There will always be room for improvement! I particularly like the point you made about using video and technology in general, these mediums can often let you down and it’s a good idea to double check everything you use in this domain.
    Keep up the good work.
    Anne x


    1. Thanks Anne, yes I have realised you have to be careful with technology, and Youtube, initially they may seem very beneficial, but any chosen content must always include the students’ level and capability in mind. Next time will review such measures, as I always say, technology is a means to an end and is not always a neccessity nor solution, if used well it can prove to be very useful.


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