Make the classroom come alive!

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I had the opportunity to attend a CPD session (conference) with Bradford College and HAYs education. The conference titled, ‘ 28 Ways to Bring Your Classroom to Life’ explored topics of engagement, behaviour, literacy and differentiation. Sometimes we as teachers are at odds with methods and strategies to excite, engage and encourage students to learn. Anyone knows to execute excitement and draw attention from a friend, child or student is no easy task. Within the classroom, where teachers may be grappling with up to 25-30 students, each one of those students count, and their attention, retention and success in learning is reliant upon the teacher’s strategy, activities and methods he/she employs.

Within my classroom my students come from mixed backgrounds and cultures, something that works with one student may not work with another. In order to succeed one has to strike a balance. Differentiation was one aspect explored. If a student is disengaged, pair him/her up with one who is. The enthusiasm may then be shared and passed on to others less inclined to learn.

Striking a balance between students’ behaviour was also explored. We teachers need to understand that we must not escalate students’ bad behaviour -rather always keeping situations under control such as through non-verbal cues and the silent- insist and persist method.

Literacy was given an important role within the conference, through the saying, ‘Every teacher is a literacy teacher.’ Every teacher regardless of the subject being taught must embed the literacy skills within their teaching. Good reading, writing and speaking skills are fundamental aspects in gaining employment and success in life – something teachers must promote in their classroom from the onset.

After the conference, I developed some strategy with my ESOL students. At the end of the class rather than students disappear as they wish I got them to stand behing their chairs and clear their tables. One – by – one I asked a question they had to answer to leave, the question was related to the topic of the lesson such as give me the past tense of go. They quite enjoyed it, although there were a few giggles, it worked fine and deployed in the students a sense of discipline and morale.

Download ideas: 24 ways to bring your classroom to life download  2016-10-16-14-22


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